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How to Run a School Fashion Show

School fashion shows are a great way to show creativity from the students on and off campus. Running a fashion show isn't as easy as it may look. There are a lot of preparation and organizational skills that need to be done months in advance before the day of show. If you are organized months in advance before the show, most likely you will be organized the day of the event. So get your team together and prepare for an amazing show.


  1. Make sure that your executive team arrives six to eight hours before the fashion show begins.They should bring personal belongings, a change of clothes, and the decorations for the venue, if they are not already there.
  2. Have a meeting with your team to discuss different tasks that should be completed throughout the day and before the actual show begins.
  3. Create a breakdown of the day specifying every hour and every task.You can use a Word Document or a Google Doc, or even a typed and printed document, as long as you make sure that every member of your team has the breakdown along with a checklist. By doing this, everyone will be on the same page and know what needs to be done. Make sure everyone is completing his or her task and everything is being done at the right time. If anything is off schedule, it will throw off your day and may make your show start later than the correct time. This meeting should take no longer than thirty minutes to discuss.
  4. Have your models, volunteers, and technician crew (DJ and lighting) arrive an hour after your executive team comes in, which is thirty minutes after your meeting.Have each executive member be in charge of these groups to let them know what needs to be done.
  5. Have the models do a run-through.Thirty to forty minutes after the models have arrived and put their stuff backstage, have them practice on the runway stage for an hour, doing the full rundown of the show with music and lights.
  6. While model practice is going on, have your volunteers and some executive team members help with decorations and others help set up backstage for designers and for hair and make up artists.All decorations should be displayed and worked on before the show begins. Make sure your volunteers are working at a good pace to get things done at least two hours before people start arriving. The decorations should go with the theme of your event.
  7. Have your hair and make up artists arrive thirty minutes to an hour after the models begin their practice on the stage.This way, the make up and hair artists can set up their stations while the models are practicing.
  8. After model practice, split the models up into two groups.Group A should get their hair and make up done while group B gets their hair done. After two hours, both groups should switch. Make sure all of the models have gone through the hair and make up process after the two hours.
  9. Have your designers arrive a little before models start getting their hair and makeup done.Allow designers to set up at their stations for their scene(s). Designers should arrive on time with all of their garments, props and music (if the DJ doesn’t already have it). Designers should talk with the light technician if they want any special lighting for their scenes as well.
  10. Give your volunteers a break for working three hours.This break should be no more than an hour. After their break, have volunteers finish any last minute work.
  11. Once volunteers come back from their break, let your executive team get dressed and ready for the show and allow your models to have a break to eat if they haven’t done so already.
  12. Get everyone in place.By this time, you and your executive team should be ready to let people into your venue. Have your volunteers settled in their required spots and allow people to come in the show. By this time, some of your executive members should be ready to get back to work and in their required spots as well.
  13. Models should be dressed for their scenes and scenes one through five should be lined up and ready to walk once the show begins.If everything backstage is organized, situated, and everyone is ready to start the show, then you are ready to begin.
  14. Let the lights go dim or off for the audience to know the show will begin.Make sure there is an executive board member with the DJ, light technician, and a couple of members backstage helping with models and designers.
  15. Cue the music and the opening act.Some shows allow performances, videos, etc. as their opening act.
  16. After the opening act, scene one should walk out.After every scene let the models walk back out all together by walking around the perimeter of the stage clapping their hands. The designer should be behind them and take a bow once they get to the center of the stage.
  17. Depending on how many scenes your team has for the fashion show, consider splitting up the scenes at an even number and put an intermission in the middle.Intermission should be no longer than fifteen minutes. Intermission allows models to have time to change for any other scene they may be in. Your intermission can consist of a mini contest or a musical selection either by a performer or your DJ.
  18. Everyone backstage should be getting ready for the ending scenes of the show.Make sure the audience go back to their chairs and let them know the show will continue.
  19. Once everyone backstage is ready, let the next scene after intermission begin.
  20. Know that a well-organized fashion show should take no longer than an hour and a half to showcase.Once the show is completed, the executive team should come out and thank the audience, volunteers, models, and designers.

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How to Run a School Fashion Show
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