How to Snowboard: A Beginner’s Guide

How to Go Snowboarding

Two Methods:

To go snowboarding, you'll have to get on and off a lift. To do this, you will need to rent or buy a snowboard package, which consists of a snowboard, bindings, boots, stomp pad, leash, and a helmet. Also, you will need a lift ticket if you plan on going on a lift, which is the only way you can get up the mountain. As a beginner you will likely have no idea how to get on and off a lift. In this you will learn how to successfully get on and off a lift, not how to snowboard.


  1. Rent or buy a snowboard, bindings, and comfortable but tight fitting boots.
  2. Get waterproof pants, and jacket.Dress warmly. Don't wear cotton if possible and never wear jeans. Wear a hat or helmet.
  3. Go to a ski mountain or even a hill in your backyard if you are a beginner
  4. Sign up for a lesson with a professional snowboard instructor.
  5. Practice on the Green circle slopes until you are comfortable turning both ways and stopping.
  6. Take another lesson, and move on to the blue square slopes.Enjoy learning; it will take practice but you'll get it soon enough.

Getting on

  1. Walk the snowboard over to the lift you would like to go on.
  2. Sit down near the lift and strap your front foot into the binding.
  3. Find the leash that will be attached to your boot or binding and strap it around your front leg so your board doesn’t fall off.
  4. Stand up, put loose foot in front of the board, and face sideways.
  5. Push with your loose foot that is in front to move.
  6. Wait in line near the lift of your choice.
  7. Stop when you come to the first red line and wait there.Watch for the ski attendant working the lift; they will wave you on when it is safe to move further.
  8. Move quickly toward the second red line and stop there.
  9. Watch for the chair so you know when it’s coming
  10. Grab the side of the chair when it comes around back of you for balance
  11. Bend your knees slightly, so that when the chair comes around it won’t knock you over.
  12. Put the safety bar down when you get on the chair if you want, you do not have to
  13. Put your board on the foot rest that is connected to the safety bar.

Getting Off

  1. Check large poles that hold up the lift for notices about unloading, such as “Prepare to Unload".
  2. Lift the safety bar up when you see that sign.
  3. Check to see if you have everything with you.
  4. Lift the front end of your snowboard up a little when you see the sign that says “Ski tips up".
  5. Sit sideways so that your board is straight out in front of you to clear ramp.
  6. Stand up slowly when your snowboard can touch the ground.
  7. Place your foot that is not strapped in on the stomp pad, located between bindings.
  8. Allow chair to push you from behind to give you a boost.Don’t try to move on your own.
  9. Go straight to clear the ramp.Move quickly so the people behind you don’t hit you.

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  • Where is the best place to snowboard?
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  • Most importantly try new things but don't go from the bunny hill to cliffs pros would hit. Gradually is best its fun less injury risk and your still improving.
  • Don't get on the lift unless you know how to turn and stop. Find the easy slopes, they are marked by a green circle in the United States.
  • If you are goofy (left foot in back), it is easier to sit on the right side of the chair. This is because you want to have your controlling foot in back of you not in front. (If you are regular, sit on the left side, for the same reason as if you were goofy.)
  • Always dress for the worst. If you get hot you can take off layers but if you are cold you are screwed. There's a whole mountain ride every inch.
  • Keep your board tuned. Local shops usually do waxes and repairs, but you can learn how to do it yourself.
  • Take a lesson from a professional snowboard instructor.
  • If you fall, the ski attendant will usually stop the lift, but still try to move out of the area quickly.
  • Make sure you are comfortable riding varying terrain. Make sure everyone in the group can keep up or won't ditch off on their own. Ride everything, run through the park then go to the backside and find some cliffs or boulders, maybe a tree to ride up.
  • If you are nervous, wave your hand downward to let the ski attendant running the lift know to slow it down.
  • Less is more, often the smaller things are the funnest, trying a 50 foot (15.2 m) table and either clearing it or dying is not fun if you haven't done that kind of thing before. Try a range of tricks on small features, the so-called 180-ing a small powder covered boulder, Nollie-ing over a felled tree tail, tapping small trees are all winner moves.


  • Rocks under the snow when runs are not correctly being groomed can be a killer. Keep an eye open.


  • Goofy- left foot (controlling foot) is in back when you snowboard.
  • Regular- Right foot is in back when you are snowboarding (if you are right handed that doesn’t mean you will be righty when you snowboard.)
  • Stomp pad- Grip located in-between the two bindings so you don’t slip while getting off the lift.
  • Bindings- attachments that you strap your feet into, to secure yourself onto the snowboard.

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