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How to Act with Your Own Style

Acting is a way of expressing yourself. If you were that character in that particular situation , there is a thin line between acting, reacting and overacting. Proficient acting is possible only if you react as that character in that particular situation or scene.


  1. Observe.Observation is the first and foremost step in acting. Observe everything around you. It may be the beggar beside your road or the business person who is always on a call. It is important to view ordinary people doing everyday things, so that you can try to "get into their skin" so to speak and truly find what might motivate or drive that person.
  2. Try to build a story behind every person's action.For example, think about how a person is reacting such a way because he or she is going through a certain phase in their life. What might that phase be? It could be transitioning from one job to another, from teen years to adulthood, from middle age to old age, from school to college, from feeling sorry for themselves to seizing opportunities, from having a loved one in their life to losing that person, and so forth. Trying to figure out what is behind the things people are going through will help to increase your empathy and your ability to understand that people, and the things they do in life, are complex but also fundamentally observable.
  3. Talk less and observe more.It is perfectly fine to ask questions to get more facts, but try to do a lot more observing, regarding and watching. Learn to spot the things that are giveaways about a person's mood, such as tears, sniffling with a handkerchief, eating quickly or slowly, rushing somewhere or dawdling, hugging or withdrawing from a kiss, doodling or staring out of a window, always on the phone or switching it off when it rings, and so on. There are many signs people show about their mood and intentions if you care to look closely.
  4. Observe yourself.By doing this, you will understand what is your own way of doing things.
    • Put yourself in the same situations as the people you've observed. Observe what you do, what is driving or motivating you and how you respond to particular situations.
    • Reflect what you did after every minor action.
    • Try to put yourself in various situations and see how you would react.
  5. Do a mirror exercise.This is one of the most effective exercises to do in acting.
    • Stand in front of the mirror. Observe how your face looks, put yourself in the third person's point of view and imagine how XYZ would probably see you.
    • Imagine the situation which you saw and try to do the same actions in front of the mirror.
    • Try reading a text or a poem in a dramatic tone, describing a story maybe.
  6. Create a space that will allow you to act out in.Keep a camera on, recording your actions at all times in a chosen private space. The recording device could be a smartphone, even. In this space, act out in front of nobody, then watch the recording later. This will help you to see what you do naturally and what you do by way of acting out, allowing you to continue to improvise and make changes in your style as you go. This can be a really good way to improve on your acting techniques and to learn how to capture the personalities and styles of other persons, building on your observations from above and your empathetic translations.

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    How can I act like Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place?
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    Do you know her by heart? Do you know everything she does and says? If the answer is yes, then it should be easy for you. Just take a deep breath, get her voice in your head, and act. If the answer is no, then make it be yes.
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  • Seek to maintain your own style in anything you're acting in, big or small. Eventually, if you continue in acting as a career, you will become known for this aspect.
  • During the process of establishing yourself, do not lose the character's real self; in acting in your own style, you are still expected to fully be that character.

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How to Act with Your Own Style
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