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Holdall & Co. Leather Folios

Holdall & Co. Leather Folios

Inspired by a long tradition of handmade leather goods crafted by skilled leather workers in the UK, Holdall & Co. seek to carry on this heritage with a chic and simple collection of refined folios for the discerning gent.

The brain child of fashion design graduate Raimonda Navickaite, Holdall & Co.’s leather folios are the culmination of a seven month development, with the brand sourcing the best leathers and manufacturing processes in order to produce designs of the highest quality.

Due to a ‘for life’ design approach, these folio are made to last; growing old and ageing gracefully with their owner. The folios are simplistic in their features: the metal quick-release push lock at the front accents the smooth leather body whilst subtle embossed branding emphasises the label’s refined appeal.

On the back you will find a handy newspaper loop for quick storage for your daily broadsheet. It also doubles a place to stash your brolly, ensuring your ready for sudden weather changes:

Holdall & Co. leather folios

Sizes/Colours Available

The foils are available in two sizes (12 and 14 inch) and in two colours (London tan and chestnut).

The 12″ is entitled ‘The Organised’. Priced at £185, it’s designed for everyday use – fitting in your notes, iPad, slimline laptops such as the Macbook Air or a Moleskin notebook and a copy of your favourite magazine:

Holdall & Co. leather folios12″ Folio In Chestnut

The larger 14″ size, ‘The Professional’, is priced at £210 and optimised for 13″ MacBooks and other laptops. There is no internal padding, but the laptop fits snugly to avoid any excess movement. It’s perfect for work and will also house all your important documents and drafts:

Holdall & Co. leather folios14″ Folio In London Tan

The Importance Of ‘Made in England’

For Holdall & Co. the ‘Made in England’ tag holds special provenance:

“[It is] a guarantee of passion, dedication, quality and craftsmanship. We don’t cut corners to save money and quite simply make the finest folios possible with integrity, strength and durability.”

The Journey Of The Holdall & Co. Folios

Holdall & Co. leather folios

Every folio made by Holdall & Co. sets a high standard, handmade with traditional techniques using British-made tools. The manufacturing process also strives to be honest and ethical, from leather sources to worker wages, ensuring it is local and profitable for all involved.

  1. Each folio starts life as a piece of naturally tanned full-grain leather hide, bridle-finished to high specification by British leather finishers.
  2. Every hide is individually inspected and approved by Holdall & Co. before moving on to their local factory where it’s hand cut with either leather knives or with specially made cutting blades (also made locally) to ensure the best finish.
  3. The panels are then formed, branded, heeled and sewn free hand by talented leather workers. Finishing details are hand-stitched for a longer lasting finish.
  4. Edges are trimmed, sealed, dyed and polished to ensure a stunningly beautiful and crisp aesthetic.
  5. Finally, every bag is inspected, polished with a wax blend (specially formulated for Holdall & Co.) and wrapped in its protective dust-bag ready for shipping to you.

Holdall & Co. folios are available now at with free worldwide delivery.

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Holdall Co. Leather Folios
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